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Jul. 25th, 2016 06:05 pm
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Oh hello. I'm StarSpray. I like Elves and things. Here's where I am elsewhere on the Internet:

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Hello, dear Author/Artist!

Please don't feel completely bound to whatever prompts you find in this letter; whatever you come up with, I'm sure I will love!

In general, I love worldbuilding and character studies, and many of the relationships I've requested, I did so because they have the potential to be so delightfully complicated.

But What I Don't Want: No smut, incest, or really graphic violence (canon-typical is fine), or major character death, please. Canon-divergence AUs are fine, but nothing that takes it out of the canon world--no coffee shop AUs or whatever, in other words.

The Hobbit )

The Lord of the Rings )


The Silmarillion )

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 Hello, dear author/artist!

First of all, I know I will certainly love whatever you come up with, whether you use my prompts or not. I am really not hard to please.

I've put each fandom under its own cut.

What I Don't Want: No really graphic violence (canon-typical is fine), or major character death, please. Canon-divergence AUs are fine, but nothing that takes it out of the canon world--no coffee shop AUs or whatever, in other words.

The Lord of the Rings )


The Silmarillion )


The Hobbit )


Stand Still Stay Silent )


Harry Potter )
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Hello, dear Author!

First off, I'm easily delighted, so if you have an idea already please feel free to ignore this letter and run with it--I'm positive I will love whatever you come up with!

To reiterate what I don't want: no graphic violence (although canon-typical is fine) or smut, no incest, and please keep any AUs within the canon world--no coffee shop AUs or anything, please. Canon divergences are fine.

I'm not a super hardcore shipper, although if I like a pairing I'll mention it below--but genfic is great!

Read more... )

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Hello, dear author!

First off, I'm very easy to please--if you already have an idea, please feel free to run with it. I'm certain I'll be delighted with whatever you come up with, whether you use any ideas from this letter or not. (:

However, I do not want: anything higher than an M rating--no smut, please. And I've asked for treats rather than tricks, so obviously I don't want anything particularly unpleasant. No excessive violence or gore, etc. I'm also not super into outlandish AU fic. So no coffee shops or anything, please.

Ship-wise: I'll mention particular ships that I like for particular characters, but in general I like canon ships; and to be honest, I'm just as, if not more, happy with genfic.

Thanks in advance! I can't wait to see what you come up with! (:

Elwing, Luthien, Melian, Emeldir, Rian of the House of Beor, Nellas, Uinen

Elwing, Luthien: Something set in Ossiriand, after Luthien and Beren relocate. Either before Dior comes along, or something with Luthien as the World's Best Grandma. For Elwing in particular, I love Elwing/Earendil, and I'm also very interested in what she gets up to in Valinor, when he's off doing his thing in the sky.

Emeldir: What happened to her after she led her people out of Dorthonion? Did she stay in Brethil, or move on to Dor-lomin with Morwen and Rian, etc?

Rian: The fact that I requested treats sort of requires any fic about her to take place prior to the Nirnaeth. Something from her courtship with Huor, or her relationship with Morwen and/or Morwen's children? Or, it would be interesting to read a canon-divergence fic in which she doesn't die. How would that change things? Would she make it to Gondolin with Tuor?

Nellas: I am a fan of Nellas/Nienor. Or I'd like a fic exploring what happened to Nellas after the fall of Doriath, and where she ended up afterward.

Uinen: I like Arien/Uinen, mostly for aesthetic fire vs water reasons. The Ainur in general interest me most pre-Elves, when they're working to shape the world.

Goldberry, Elrond, Elanor Gardner, Arwen, Galadriel, Celeborn, Celebrian, Eowyn, Faramir, Lady of the Blue Brooch, Dunedain Ranger

Goldberry, Lady of the Blue Brooch: I ship it, with intense curiosity as to who the Lady was (if you write this, please set it before Goldberry marries Tom). I'm also up for Goldberry the mischievous River-daughter playfully messing with anyone who happens upon her lily pool.

Elrond, Celebrian: Celebrian in Valinor, recovering and getting to know her various relatives would be lovely. Elrond, or Elrond & Celebrian together, acting as hosts to various peoples who come to Rivendell, also.

Arwen: Queen Arwen! In the north or in Gondor; and with her daughters.

Elanor Gardner: A fic set during her time at Aragorn and Arwen's court would be absolutely delightful.

Dunedain Ranger: This character tag just begs for an interesting OC. Bonus points for a lady ranger! Maybe one who remained in the north instead of going south with the Grey Company.

Galadriel, Celeborn: These two weren't an option in The Silmarillion, but I'd be interested in a fic about their courtship in Doriath. Or something from a later age; a quiet sort of gapfiller, when Galadriel isn't looking to conquer the world, or whatever, would be nice.

Eowyn, Faramir: I'd like to see something from one or both of these two settling down into their new roles post-War of the Ring, in Ithilien. Maybe interacting with the Elves that Legolas brings from the Greenwood? Neither of them have had much (any) interaction with them before, so that could be very interesting.


Lalli Hotakainen, Onni Hotakainen, Sigrun Eide, Emil Vasterstrom, Tuuri Hotakainen, Mikkel Madsen, Reynir Arnason

I have very few prompts for specific characters in this fandom. I'm interested in the backstories of everyone, except Reynir because we know his already, and in particular the Hotakainen family. Anything with Sigrun being the Most Best troll slayer would be a delight, as would a fic with Emil continuing to grow in both competence and confidence. Dreamworld shenanigans would also be delightful.

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Hello, dear Author!

I'm not very hard to please--whatever you come up with, I'm sure I'll love, so if you already have an idea for the character we matched on, please feel free to disregard whatever prompts I've written here.

I'm definitely a fan of worldbuilding and character study. And don't be afraid to introduce OCs!

Do Not Want: Nothing terribly dark--no torture or rape or anything like that--please, and I would rather not receive smut. Character death might be okay if it's not the main focus of the fic/artwork. I'm also not really interested in like, coffeeshop AU sort of stories.

I've put each book under its own cut

The Hobbit )


The Lord of the Rings )

The Silmarillion )



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