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Hello, dear Author!

I'm not very hard to please--whatever you come up with, I'm sure I'll love, so if you already have an idea for the character we matched on, please feel free to disregard whatever prompts I've written here.

I'm definitely a fan of worldbuilding and character study. And don't be afraid to introduce OCs!

Do Not Want: Nothing terribly dark--no torture or rape or anything like that--please, and I would rather not receive smut. Character death might be okay if it's not the main focus of the fic/artwork. I'm also not really interested in like, coffeeshop AU sort of stories.

I've put each book under its own cut

The Hobbit - book
Characters: Belladonna Took, Bilbo Baggins, Elrond

Belladonna: I would love to see one of her adventures as a young hobbit, either with her sisters or alone. Tell me how she came to be called remarkable! Fic with her and a young Bilbo would also be lovely. If you'd like to write something shippy, I don't have any particular preferences, though I'm definitely open to femslash--with Dis, another lady hobbit, or maybe even Goldberry...?

Bilbo: I'd love to know what Bilbo got up to in the years between the end of The Hobbit and the start of The Lord of the Rings. Or what he got up to between leaving the Shire and settling in Rivendell. Or introducing Frodo to Elves when they pass through the Shire.

Elrond: There's so much sadness in Elrond's story, I would love to see the happier times sketched out more--his courtship of Celebrian, Rivendell turning into the Last Homely House we see in LotR, or his relationship with Elros before his death, or his coming to Valinor after the end of the Third Age and meeting any of his extended family. Shipwise, I'm very much a fan of Elrond/Celebrian.


The Lord of the Rings - book
Characters: Pearl Took, Lothiriel, Ivorwen, Elanor Gardner, Arwen Undomiel, Arathorn II, Aragorn, Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins, Gandalf, Sam Gamgee, Merry Brandybuck, Pippin Took, Gilraen, Goldberry, Galadriel, Celeborn, Eowyn, Eomer

Merry, Pippin, Sam: I'd be very interested in fic about them settling into life in the Shire after the War of the Ring. Or the formation of their Conspiracy to spy on Frodo. Or if you want to write them separately, a look at life in Buckland or Tuckborough or Hobbiton would be interesting, either before or after the War of the Ring.

Pearl Took: I'd love a fic about the Tooks during the Troubles, when they were effectively cut off from the rest of the Shire. How did Pearl and her sisters handle it? 

Frodo, Bilbo: I talked about Bilbo above, of course. For Frodo--well, and Bilbo--I'd love to see something from their experiences in Valinor.

Arathorn II, Gilraen, Ivorwen: I love Gilraen/Arathorn as a pairing, and Ivorwen with her foresight is a fascinating character. I'd like just about anything detailing the lives of the northern Dunedain--especially the women.

Elanor Gardner: She serves as one of Arwen's ladies for a time--I'd love to see fic exploring that, and her experience of the Gondorian court.

Arwen Undomiel, Aragorn: These two I definitely ship together, but I'm more interested in what Arwen gets up to while Aragorn is off doing his thing. Maybe a fic of her interacting with Gilraen? 

Goldberry: I like both Tom Bombadil and Goldberry, and I like them together, but I'm slightly more interested in Goldberry on her own, as the River-daughter more than Bombadil's lady wife. Shipwise, I like Goldberry/Lady of the Blue Brooch, but also any other lady who might stumble on her lily pool (any lady I have listed, for example, I'd love to see interact with her, even if you don't go the femslash route).

Eowyn, Eomer, Lothiriel: There isn't nearly enough of Eowyn & Eomer interacting with each other in the books, IMO. There's enough to show that they care for each other deeply, but I'd love a fic exploring that further. I'm also fond of Eomer/Lothiriel; a fic in which Eowyn and Lothiriel get to know each other. Or a fic about Lothiriel holding the fort in Dol Amroth while her father and brothers are at war.

Gandalf: I don't have any particular ideas here. He's been all over the place, though. What was he up to in all those years before he showed up on Bilbo's doorstep?

Celeborn, Galadriel: I don't have any particular prompts for either of these two, either. Any sort of gapfiller, for either character, or both together, would be great, anywhere from the Years of the Trees to whatever Celeborn got up to after Galadriel sailed West.

The Silmarillion
Characters: Idril Celebrindal, Elrond, Galadriel, Daeron, Luthien Tinuviel, Melian, Nellas, Emeldir, Dior Eluchil, Elured, Elurin, Tuor

Elrond: See somewhere above (:

Elured, Elurin
: I'm very fond of the idea that these two didn't actually die in Doriath, however that might have happened.

Idril Celebrindal: Maybe something set in Vinyamar, before everyone packed up and left for Gondolin, or something set much later, after her return to Valinor.

Tuor: Similarly to Idril--I'd like a story about his youth with Annael. Or exploring the culture shock he must have felt when he first came to Gondolin.

Daeron: Whatever happened to him after he left Doriath and disappeared?

Luthien, Dior: I'd actually really like a fic with these two together. What was Dior's childhood like, growing up in Ossiriand? Did Luthien take him back to Doriath to meet his grandparents?

Melian, Nellas: I love Doriath, and Nellas in particular is one of my absolute favorites, so anything exploring her life would be lovely. I'm also fond of Nellas/Nienor as a pairing. For Melian--I like the thought of her as a teacher or mentor--for Galadriel or anyone else (maybe even Nellas?).

: How did she come to earn the epithet Manhearted? What happened to her after she led her people out of Dorthonion?



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